Mission & values


1. To be recognized by the added value our teams bring to all the stages of a project through innovation
2. Earn our customer’s trust by delivering on our commitments at all stages of a project.
3. Provide the best value to all our customers.


Respect : Acting responsibly to create and maintain a climate of respect and professionalism in all our actions.
Rigor : Responding effectively to the expectations of our clients; advise and meet the timelines and the budget of the projects entrusted to us.
Innovation : Focusing on continuous improvement to innovate in our working methods and use of equipment..


Head Office : 13 Avenue d’Alger, N°4 Hassan Rabat, Morocco
Factory 1 : Lot 04, Quartier Industriel, Ain Atiq, Morocco
Factory 2 : N°30 Zone Industrielle, Tamesna, Morocco
Phone Number : +212 05 37 206 340
Fax : +212 05 37 206 332
Email : info@tracom.ma